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Catch up with MIDiA's post-pandemic programming podcast series

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MIDiA has long said that podcasts are a rising force in the audio entertainment market – and we’ve put our efforts where our insights are, launching our first podcast series.

Our episodes are now available to listen to on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Amazon Music. In episode one, MIDiA’s MD Mark Mulligan and Consulting Director Keith Jopling get together to talk about the changing world post-pandemic, draw historical allegories, have a look at the live music business, and give the background of our new research body on surviving through the current times and looking ahead to what comes next in our ‘new normal’.

The second podcast episode zeroes in on the advertising business. MIDiA’s gaming expert, Karol Severin, chats with research director and video expert Tim Mulligan and cultural insights analyst Hanna Kahlert about digital advertising and consumer receptivity to ads in an increasingly saturated attention economy.

Our Post-Pandemic Programming series features one live report, five podcast episodes and a webinar, which is available to watch back here.

The third episode features Keith, Tim and Mark discussing the implications of the pandemic on the subscriptions business. Following this, Mark gets together with games expert Karol and sports expert Alistair Taylor to interrogate these two rapidly-changing industries, their overlaps and how they are both dealing with the current market tumult – and what we can all learn from their relative successes.

Our final episode closes off with Hanna hosting Keith and a special guest, David Freer – co-founder of design studio O Street – to discuss the culture of consumption, business and the marketplace, as we all ask the big questions of what changes will stick around, which behaviours will rebound, and what opportunities will open up moving forward.

If you missed the webinar, you can watch the video here, which features a keynote presentation by Mark, short highlights by Karol, Tim and Alistair and then an open panel discussion with all MIDiA analysts where together we tackle the broader implications of a post-pandemic world.

Follow us on your preferred podcasting platform and stay tuned for more updates! 

Episode 1: Introduction to Post-Pandemic Programming

Episode 2: Advertising

Episode 3: Sports & Gaming

Episode 3: The Subscription Economy

Episode 4: Culture of Consumption

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