Our team of consulting professionals have experience in solving business problems creatively, building on our data capability and entertainment sector expertise.

Led by Keith Jopling, the consulting team can help you address current problems or roadmap the future. We bring project discipline and both analytical and creative frameworks to help solve problems quickly, so our clients can make the right choices about growth, partnership, and which market or segment to move into. We work across growth strategy, investment strategy (market and strategic due diligence) and both consumer and B2B market insights.

What we do

Growth strategy

Ideation & option appraisal, new geographies, moving into adjacent sectors, market sizing (TAM & SOM) & outlook, roadmapping

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Strategic due diligence

Market assessment, company assessment, value chain analysis, competitive analysis in support of inward investment or significant funding rounds

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Consumer research

White papers (brand & market development/thought leadership), quant insights, consumer segmentation, proposition development

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B2B insights

Market potential/strategic insights, competitive analysis, market sizing, white papers

How we work

Our focused projects have tight timetables and clear outcomes. We work in close collaboration with client teams and company leaders, helping them navigate complex dilemmas, market challenges and equipping them with greater understanding. Our output leads to more informed, better decisions and greater organisational confidence. We are honest and work with complete transparency and candour, bringing a balance of challenge and support to the way our clients take on new challenges. We want to make people better at what they do!


Mark Mulligan is the managing director of MIDiA Research, a long-term media and technology analyst and a leading thinker on the music industry’s future development. He heads up MIDiA’s overall brand and participates in all consulting projects.

Keith Jopling is consulting director and is responsible for all consulting engagements. He is a 20+ year music industry strategist and executive, having worked at senior levels with leading global music companies for two decades. Keith was an executive/senior advisor at IFPI, EMI, BPI and Spotify and most recently, senior strategy advisor to the president of Global Digital Business at Sony Music.

Tatiana Cirisano is a music industry analyst and consultant at MIDiA. With a BA in journalism and mass communication, she previously spent just under five years as a reporter for Billboard. She pays particular attention to emerging consumer trends and the intersection of music and technology. Tati is dedicated to sharing knowledge, unearthing fresh perspectives and driving the music industry towards a more equitable future.

Srishti Das is a consultant at MIDiA. She graduated from Berklee Valencia with a master’s degree in music business, and went on to work in different parts of the industry, including as a journalist, teacher and on project teams for various streaming applications. Prior to joining MIDiA, she worked with the publishing and licensing division at JioSaavn, where her passion for publishing and copyright blossomed. Srishti is our emerging markets specialist.

Kriss Thakrar is a consultant at MIDiA. Kriss comes from a background in artist development before moving into business and strategy. Prior to MIDiA, Kriss carried out research on sync, royalties and emerging markets with Synchtank. Kriss is committed to helping the music industry grow, develop, and thrive across the world. He specialises in the creator economy and music rights & data landscape.

Case Studies

Our approach fuses rigorous data methodology, sectoral expertise, technology and decisive cross-format analysis. See how we can work with you.

Pioneering AVOD in video technology

MIDiA was commissioned by a video technology provider to help the company embark on a transformation of its business More details

Opportunities in the indie music sector

MIDiA undertook a comprehensive review of the independent distribution sector in Europe More details

Investment in the music creator economy

MIDiA advised a global private equity firm on the potential investment in a pioneering creator tools company More details

Investment in the sync & production music space

MIDiA has supported a number of companies in the sync space More details

Tunecore: State of nation study on women making music

Tunecore partnered with MIDiA to conduct a landmark study More details

Anghami: Regional and local streaming markets

Anghami commissioned MIDiA to publish new research on the MENA region More details

Utopia: Growth from Transparency

Utopia commissioned MIDiA to think about the next phases of music’s growth More details

Global music marketing - issues and challenges

Global music marketing - issues and challenges for top tier marketers More details

Vision & Mission within performing rights

MIDiA was asked by a leading performing rights organisation representing songwriters and publishers More details

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