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MIDiA launches video creator economy vertical as AI delivers transformative growth

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Keeping step with AI’s impact on the video creation industry can be a daunting prospect. Ways of working that have existed for decades are being reorientated around generative AI tools. With these changes comes opportunities, risks and plenty of questions: AI is poised to open the gates to more entry-level creators, but to how many? And how will well-established creators – and the wider value chain – adapt to a new tool kit that majors on speed and productivity?

Demystifying AI’s impact has been a key focus for MIDiA Research in recent months. And today (July 11, 2024) those findings are being published in a new “State of the video creator economy” report. This research is the latest chapter in MIDiA’s fast-growing creator economy research, a sector that we have been analysing and delivering consulting work in since the start of the decade. This report not only pinpoints how far the long arm of AI will reach but provides an all-encompassing analysis of the video creator economy, including video creator behaviour; market sizes and forecasts for software and hardware, number of creators and their income; plus, targeted analysis on consumers and the investor opportunity. Among the findings, MIDiA is forecasting the number of global video creators to grow from 302.7 million in2023 to 696.1 million by 2031.

The publication of this report also marks the launch of MIDiA’s new video creator economy subscription / service offering, comprising of a year-round publication of reports and data sets that will illuminate every step of the video creator value chain. Our new video creator coverage focuses on four key areas: consumers, talent, industry (including software and hardware companies) and disruptors. The “State of the video creator economy” report is our headline report for industry, while our new “Social video consumption forecast and a video creator power index” will become cornerstone industry reports, focusing on consumer and talent. AI and bleeding-edge cross-entertainment behaviours – such as the rise of immersive platforms like Roblox and Fortnite– will also be in focus as MIDiA tracks video creation’s evolution through disruption. Stay tuned for when the full roadmap of our reports is announced in the coming weeks.


The video creator economy is at an inflection point as AI accelerates the consumerisation of creation beyond the impact of smartphones and social video platforms. MIDiA’s new video creator vertical tracks and unpacks this revolutionary change to empower clients with the future-focused insight they need to move with strategic confidence.  

If you would like more information on MIDiA’s new video creator economy vertical, visit our dedicated website, here. Alongside an opportunity to register your interest, you will also find our free-to-view video creator tools webinar (held on June 26, 2024). This features a keynote presentation on the future of video creator economy and a lively discussion with expert panellists, including:  Scott Levine, CPO at Brightcove; Terri Morgan, co-founder of LumaTouch; Vikram Chalana, CEO of Pictory; and Matthew Collings, head of product at Krotos.

We look forward to working closely with you as the video creator economy adapts to an AI world. 

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