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The state of the video creator economy Creativity in a streamlined world

Report by Mark Mulligan, Tim Mulligan and Ben Woods
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20,000 foot view:

The video creator tools industry is primed for turbo-charged growth as artificial intelligence (AI) accelerates the consumerisation of creation. While the opportunity is significant, a considered approach is needed to ensure AI elevates the creator economy’s success at turning passive consumers into monetisable creators. This report provides an all-encompassing analysis of the video creator economy, including video creator behaviour; market sizes and forecasts for software, hardware, number of creators and their income; plus, targeted analysis on AI, consumers, and the investor opportunity.

Key data and insights included in this report: 

  • Profiles on the behaviour of beginner, intermediate, and advanced video creators such as challenges, spend, and earnings
  • Analysis of how social media platforms and social creation influences video creation behaviours
  • Hardware and software video creator tools trends and penetration
  • The impact of AI on video creation: How do video creators think about AI, how many are using AI, and how many think it will improve productivity
  • Analysis on the perception and adoption of video creator software subscriptions
  • Creator tools vendor landscape and value chain by segment

All survey data is based on MIDiA Research Video Creator Survey and MIDiA Research Consumer Survey Q1 2024 fielded in US, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Poland, Turkey, China, and South Africa. Data includes breakdowns by age, gender, stage of creator, creator earnings, hardware usage, software usage, aspirations, and creator role.

Table of contents:

Number of words: 8043

Number of pages: 39

Number of infographics: 15

Key insights


Section one: Video creators

Section two: AI

Section three: Market size

Section four: Defining the opportunity


Companies and brands mentioned in this report: Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Express, Adobe FireFly, Adobe Premiere Pro, Amazon Prime Video, Air Head, Apple, Apple Intelligence, Blackmagic, Canva Magic Design, BrightCove, Beast Games, CapCut, ChatGPT, Coursera, Da Vinci Resolve, Disney, Elgato, Fable, Fiverr, FKA Twigs, Fliki, Gemini, Google Veo, iMac, iPhone, Instagram, Instagram Reels, Kwebbelkopp, LANDR, Lord of the Rings, Marvel, Mr Beast, Mylene Mae, Netflix, NVIDIA Broadcast, OpenAI, Pictory, Razer, Runway, Sora, TikTok, Tribeca Film Festival, Sora, SoundCloud, Showrunner, SkillShare, South Park, Star Wars, Studio Ghibli, Tutti, Twitch, Tyler Perry, UpWork, VideoPixie, YouTube, and YouTube Shorts