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MIDiA's Recovery Economics principles for competing effectively post lockdown

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by Dara Jegede

If you missed our webinar on how media and entertainment will evolve post lockdown and how companies should adapt, the recording is available below. MIDiA analysts present in this webinar how the entertainment industries can plan not to simply bounce back, but to rebuild their value propositions and supply chains to adjust to the realities of the new normal.

As entertainment companies continue to grapple with the effects of COVID-19 and adjust their strategies accordingly, the landscape is moving into a new phase bringing renewed challenges.

Lockdowns created new consumer need states and demands, to which entertainment propositions need to adapt and service if they are to thrive. With a recession no longer speculated but now a question of ‘how bad will it be’, companies need to reframe their understanding of their audiences and identify opportunities for innovation, in order to flourish in the post-lockdown era.

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