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Games report bundle offer – the less you can afford research, the more you probably need it

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by Karol Severin

Part of the festive period is about reflection and new aspirations. I, for one, am eternally grateful that MIDiA works with some of the most successful companies in entertainment. I love that we get to ask a lot of questions, have fascinating discussions, find progressive solutions to business challenges, and help our clients look around the corner to see what’s to come – both in the entertainment market and in entertainment consumers’ minds.

Producing best-in-class insight and data is not cheap. It typically comes at a cost that start-ups and smaller companies often struggle to afford. Paradoxically, these are some of the companies that need insight the most - to find an edge and compete successfully. Smaller companies typically do not have teams of researchers, analysts, and strategists to serve as key input to navigating company strategy and tactics. In smaller companies, this burden often sits with founders, or senior leadership, who have ten spinning plates going, always.

We often speak with start-ups and smaller companies who realise the critical importance of data, research, and intelligence. They are often very enthusiastic about the research and intelligence we provide in the entertainment space but are unable to allocate a major research budget.

At MIDiA, one of our key mantras is to be helpful. We want our research to help all companies that strive to grow, fix, and / or innovate – regardless of the size of their budget.

So, for those of you who need access to MIDiA’s insight, but have been unable to find the budget for a full platform subscription, we have put together two games report bundles this winter to help you out. Each one contains three reports, specifically handpicked and designed around specific topics and roles.

Here is a little more detail on what these reports can help you with:

The strategist’s bundle

A bundle well suited for strategic thinkers and planners. Reports in this bundle include:

1. Games’ cultural role in the 2020s

This report offers a data-backed glimpse into where and how games will grow in cultural relevance over the next decade. It focuses on the changing dynamics of the attention economy, how to grow time spent in an ever more competitive environment, and highlights how to turn competitive entertainment formats (e.g., video, social media, and music) into synergistic partners for games.

2. Games consumption Q1 2022

This report offers data and insights on 75 specific gamer segments and how much time they spend playing games. Additionally, we model out how many of these hours are focused vs. social vs. multitasked / done in the background. This is a crucial report and dataset for anyone looking to grow time spent, back up partner or sponsor pitches with data, and look for strategic opportunities for a variety of specific gamer segments. The gamer segments include platform level (mobile, pc, console), console brand level (PS, Xbox, Nintendo), games service subscribers, gamers by genre preference and behavior (e.g. multiplayer, single player), in addition to gamers of 20+ key games franchises.

3. The games video opportunity for games companies

This report highlights an important video opportunity for games companies. It explains how most games companies use video as a marketing tool, while games-related video can evolve into a revenue channel for games companies.

The games marketer’s and producer’s bundle

A bundle designed for games producers, marketers, and those pursuing cross-entertainment and brand partnerships. The three reports in this bundle include:

1. Games genre fan overlaps across entertainment

A PowerPoint deck showcasing music, video, and sports genre preferences of gamers who play specific genres. It helps with answering questions such as:

  • What kind of music should be in my game?
  • What kind of video genres should my games trailer lean on?
  • Which genres should we explore partnerships in when it comes to audio, video, and sports?

 2. Profiling single-player vs. multiplayer gamers – a generational changing of the guard

This report explores the key differences in demographics, engagement, preferences, and attitudes of single-player gamers and multiplayer gamers. Audiences of both modes manifest differences in behaviour, including time and money spent, as well as technology ownership and social media usage – all of which are important to monitor to enable games companies effectively prioritise product roadmaps and design marketing strategies.

3. Entertainment spending by gamer genre

This PowerPoint deck shows how players of different games genres spend money across various forms of entertainment. Questions this can help answer include:

  • What type of cross-entertainment products should be included in a game to maximize in-game spending?
  • Which entertainment formats could we unlock the most revenue in, beyond the game itself?

Until the end of December 2022 these bundles are priced at £5,000, providing £9,000 worth of reports each. Don’t miss out! Follow through to the report bundle links or get in touch with for any questions.

Happy December!

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