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Free COVID-19 Impact Webinar

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by Mark Mulligan

MIDiA Research is running a free-to-attend webinar on Wednesday, April 15thCOVID-19 Impact on Entertainment Demand and Behaviours.

Regular readers will know that MIDiA has been publishing COVID-19 impact research, data and analysis since lockdowns started taking effect in the West. In this webcast, we will be presenting some of our latest research findings as well as having a panel discussion featuring the BPI’s CEO Geoff Taylor and some of the MIDiA team, including:

  • Keith Jopling (music and radio)
  • Tim Mulligan (video and TV)
  • Karol Severin (games)
  • Alistair Taylor (sports)
  • Hanna Kahlert (culture)

The panel will explore how consumer lockdowns have impacted media consumption, who are the market winners and losers, and what the likely long-term effects will be.

We have already had a very large number of sign ups so places are now limited. Click here to register: WEBINAR REGISTRATION

If you are a MIDiA client, we now have a new COVID-19 research vertical here.

If you are a small-to-medium sized independent entertainment company, you can take advantage of our COVID-19 research package here.

And if you haven’t done so already, you can download the free MIDiA COVID-19 impact report here.

Stay well and healthy.

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