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The Classical Music Market - Streaming's Next Genre?

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by Dara Jegede

When IDAGIO commissioned MIDiA to explore the classical music audience globally, we were excited to validate the hypothesis that a classical music resurgence was possible in today’s on-demand music streaming world.

We found that classical music fans are different to pop music fans, but overwhelmingly just more interested and more curious about music.

As music finds itself migrating from our smartphones and headphones back into living rooms and cars, with the onset of new streaming platforms such as voice, classical music has the opportunity to find bigger audiences, reaching both its loyal aficionado listeners and its much broader potential audience of enthusiasts around the world.

About this research

This study was put together by MIDiA Research from an online consumer survey of 8,000 adult music consumers across eight markets: the USA, UK, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Mexico and South Korea. Additionally, MIDiA’s 2018 market models were used to calculate market values and trends for the classical genre. This work was sponsored by IDAGIO, the leading dedicated classical music subscription service now available in 180 markets around the world.

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