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AI is promising a video creation revolution: Are you ready for the upside?

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by Ben Woods

Video has reached an inflection point. Artificial intelligence is poised to bring video creation to even more consumers, in a move that will disrupt the tools, workflows, and business models underpinning the value chain. While ensuring video output reaches new heights, the winners and losers of this growth have yet to be defined. Securing future market share will require the creator tools industry to recalibrate to meet the needs of social, marketing, and professional video creators as processes become more streamlined.

MIDiA Research is ready to help the industry meet this challenge. Come July we will launch a new video creator tools research stream tracking the challenges and opportunities facing video creators, the hardware and software companies they use, and the artificial intelligence disruptors which are redefining workflows.

This will be encapsulated in our new State of the Video Creator Tools Economy report, supported by a webinar on June 26 at 16:30 BST with leading executives from across the industry. These outputs will be underpinned by data from our new video creator survey, explaining how video creators produce content, the hardware and software they use, and the pain points they face. We will also delve into the financial opportunity, with market-sizing revenues for the video creator tools industry and a five-year revenue forecast. These insights will form the bedrock for actionable takeaways to shape future growth strategy.

For more information on what’s to come, click to visit our video creator tools page. Here, you can sign up to our video creator tools webinar and register interest, so we can notify you when the full report is published.

Those that register will also receive a free summary of the report after it is published on the MIDiA Research platform.

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