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The MIDiA Video Creator Tools Webinar: Where disruption meets opportunity

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Smartphones and social platforms have transformed video production from the domain of TV and cinema to a creation outlet for the masses. To capitalise on this opportunity, the video creator tools industry has pivoted towards simplifying and gamifying their tools for a mass market audience. Going forwards, this will be powered by artificial intelligence. AI will deliver the next stage in the consumerisation of video creation by providing streamlined processes that enable all video creators to produce more content.

MIDiA Research will unpack AI’s impact on the world of video creation in this week’s webinar: Video Creator Tools: Where Disruption Meets Opportunity. The webinar will open with a keynote presentation supported by data from our new video creator survey and market model. MIDiA will analyse the multi-faceted world of video creation and look at how AI will bring fresh challenges to incumbents and new monetisation opportunities for disruptors. This will include new global data on the number of video creators and how much revenue the video creator tools industry is now generating. The presentation will be capped off with strategic takeaways on the role AI will play in video creation’s future.

This will be followed by a deep dive into the issues facing the video creator tools industry through a panel session with industry leaders, including Scott Levine, CPO at Brightcove; Terri Morgan, co-founder of LumaTouch; Vikram Chalana, CEO of Pictory, and Matthew Collings, head of product at Krotos. Make sure to come armed with questions, as this is an opportunity for viewers to tap into our panel’s expertise.  

To register for the webinar on June 26th at4:30pm BST, visit: Video Creator Tools: Where Disruption Meets Opportunity | MIDiA Research

Those who sign up will free copy for the webinar slides. There is also the opportunity to register interest in MIDiA’s “State of the video creator tools economy” report set for publication in July. 

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