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Songwriters, we want to hear from you – take our survey!

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by Fernanda Balzaretti

Songwriters are the backbone of the music industry; however, they are rarely in the spotlight. As with the rest of the industry, songwriters have seen their workflows and income sources turned upside down in the streaming and social media eras. Even though they have different payment structures – in streaming songwriters get paid a statutory rate, and on social media platforms,  publishers can participate in private, free-market negotiations – songwriters have little to no bargaining power in either. 

We see one thing get fixed only for others to get broken, with songwriters having little power to drive the necessary change. At MIDiA, we want to understand songwriters’ changing needs and how the industry can align to serve them better. 

That is why MIDiA is fielding its inaugural songwriter survey! We are calling all songwriters, whether you are a singer-songwriter, songwriter / producer, soundtrack composer, or any other combination, to take the survey.

This is an opportunity to have your voice heard on some of the most important issues facing songwriters in today’s industry, from evolving royalty structures to artificial intelligence and to non-traditional career-driving opportunities.

By completing our survey, you will also gain access to a set of the survey results when our report is published in June, 2024. This will allow you to compare yourself with the industry average for workflow, income mix, challenges, and more, providing a unique benchmark for your career. 

Do not miss this opportunity to shape the future of the songwriting industry! The survey will only take around 10 minutes to complete, and all your responses will be kept completely confidential.

Click here to start the survey 

MIDiA clients will be able to access the full songwriter survey results and analysis when the report is published in June, 2024. If you are not a MIDiA client and would like to learn about how you can access this upcoming research, please email

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