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Clubhouse session: Is attention killing culture?

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by Mark Mulligan

Join myself, Hanna Kahlert and Karol Severin Thursday 25th at 5pm GMT / noon EST / 9am PT on Clubhouse for discussion of the Attention Economy’s second order effects on culture and creativity.

In this session we will be exploring how the focus on capturing audiences’ time and attention at all costs is resulting in a dumbing down of culture and a predominance of caution over bravery. We will also discuss how some entertainment sectors are much better placed to prosper in the attention economy. Here are a few of the things we’ll talk about:

·      COVID’s attention boom

·      The coming attention recession and what it means for entertainment

·      Who were the winners of the attention boom and how will they fare in the attention recession?

·      The rise of attention culture (playlist fodder, ambient video etc.) and what it means for culture

·      Where entertainment needs to go so it can jump off the attention hamster wheel

We want this to be an interactive discussion, so while these are some of the talking points, we will be looking to you to help us steer things too.

See – well, hear – you tomorrow.

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