Music Messaging Apps: Music Consumption Will Never Quite Be The Same Again

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by Mark Mulligan

Music messaging apps are one of the most exciting and disruptive music consumer behaviours to emerge since file sharing first raised its head in the late 1990s. Apps like and Dubsmash have catalyzed entirely new ways for young music fans to engage with music, blurring the lines between creator and audience. In doing so they have ushered in the prospect of the 15 second song and continue to ask probing questions about just what music experiences should be. These apps represent a Digital Native feedback loop: built by Digital Natives for Digital Natives, a new generation of music tech to follow the last generation of services such as Spotify and SoundCloud that were built by Digital Immigrants.

In our latest MIDiA Research music report we deep dive into this segment providing for the first time a comprehensive analysis of this exciting new market segment with previously unseen data covering:

Total market size (in terms of Monthly Active Users), app downloads, number of sessions, number of interactions and session lengths

  • Demographics of music messaging app users
  • MAUs of the most widely used music messaging apps such as, Flipagram, Dubsmash, Triller and Music Messenger
  • Vendor profiles of 10 music messaging apps covering factors such as key metrics, investment to date, key investors, key competitors and core markets

The music messaging app market is in fact a group of highly diverse apps with very distinct use cases and with apps at very different stages of maturity, from fast growing new entrants to largely stagnant incumbents.

The full report and accompany datasets are immediately available to MIDiA Research subscribers and can also be purchased for immediate download from our report store here.

This report is a must for anyone who wants to get the definitive understanding of this market and to be able to differentiate the promising innovators from those that have had their day, and to understand just how transformative an impact of this sector could have on the wider music industry.

Companies mentioned in this report: Dubsmash, Flipagram, Flippy, Instagram, LINE, MavenSay, Musical,ly, Music Messenger, Pingtune,
Rithm, Snapchat, Soundcloud, Tagbeat, Triller, Wordup

MIDiA Research Music Messaging Apps Synopsis

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Mark Mulligan
Hi James - yes, we know that Pingtune was acquired by Eros. Thanks Mark
Pingtune was acquired by EROS. Pingtune failed for many reasons one of them was having a CEO who couldn't deliver and secondly failure to retain talented and capable employees. If EROS had waited a bit longer they would have picked up this turkey for peanuts.