Music Messaging Apps Vendor Landscape: Music Consumption Will Never Quite Be The Same Again

The 20,000 Foot View

Music messaging apps are one of the most exciting and disruptive music consumer behaviours to emerge since file sharing first raised its head in the late 1990s. Apps like and Dubsmash have catalyzed entirely new ways for young music fans to engage with music, blurring the lines between creator and audience. In doing so they have ushered in the prospect of the 15 second song and continue to ask probing questions about just what music experiences should be. These apps represent a Digital Native feedback loop: built by Digital Natives for Digital Natives, a new generation of music tech to follow the last generation of services such as Spotify and SoundCloud that were built by Digital Immigrants.

Key Findings (Data Points Are Removed From This Preview Summary)

  • The music messenger app landscape comprises a diverse mix of apps ranging from lip synching, through video creation tools, social storytelling to music sharing
  • There are X million Monthly Active Users (MAUs) of music messenger apps, representing X% of the X million cumulative app downloads
  • The lip synching apps and Dubsmash have strong appeal among young females (more than X% of users are female) and more than X% of’s users are aged under 21
  •, Flipagram and Dubsmash have the 3 largest user bases with a combined X million MAUs between them
  • Music messaging apps drive X billion interactions each month
  • The fact that is now referring to registered users and Dubsmash to downloads suggests that some of the growth momentum may have slowed
  • Music messaging apps illustrate the importance of breaking the mold to engage younger music fans
  • Music messaging app users are predominately young with X% aged under 24 and X% aged under 35
  • Music subscribers music messaging app users are five times as likely use music messaging apps compared to overall consumers

Companies mentioned in this report: Dubsmash, Flipagram, Flippy, Instagram, LINE, MavenSay, Musical,ly, Music Messenger, Pingtune,
Rithm, Snapchat, Soundcloud, Tagbeat, Triller, Wordup

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