MIDiA Research Chart Of The Week: Global Mobile App Buyers 2013 To 2020

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The mobile app economy is one of the success stories of the paid content marketplace generating $25 billion in global revenue in 2014.  But paid users are a distinct minority.  For the mobile app economy’s giants such as Supercell and KING.com the free-to-paid conversion rate is typically around just 1.5% to 3%.  What is different to music and video is that these users typically spend an average of $20 a month, with many – the Whales – spend far more.  Across the wider app economy conversion rates are higher and average spend lower.

Over the next 5 years the installed base of mobile app buyers will more than double to 658 million.  This growth will be driven both by mobile app companies getting better at converting mainstream app users and, crucially, by growth in emerging markets, Asia Pacific growth especially.   By 2020 Asia Pacific will account for the majority of mobile app buyers.

For analysis and in depth data check out MIDiA’s report ‘Mobile App Economy Forecasts 2015-2020: The Emergence of A Mature Market’.

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