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Label executives: take this survey and receive a free MIDiA report

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by Mark Mulligan

MIDiA is fielding a survey exploring the changing role of music streaming services in today’s music business and we want to hear your opinions. Specifically, we want to hear the opinions of record label executives. Whether you run your own small label or are a strategy manager in a major, we want to hear your views.

You can take the survey here:

MIDiA will treat responses with utmost confidence. They will only ever be viewed at the total respondent level, so no individual responses will ever be seen.

We appreciate time is a scarce commodity, especially in these challenging times. So by way of thanks for participating, all respondents will receive a free copy of MIDiA’s landmark report: The future of music: the rise of a counterculture industry. Retailing for £7,500, this report lays out a bold vision for the new music business that is beginning to take shape. One in which next-generation platforms carve out a new, creator-centric music business that runs in parallel to the traditional business but that also competes with labels and DSPs alike. It is a great report! 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the survey, please email

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