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To be Silent is to be Complicit – On Which Side of History Will the NFL be Remembered?

Posted on 3rd June, 2020 by Alistair Taylor in Audiences, Blacklivesmatter, Blackouttuesday, BLM Movement, Brands, Carolina Panthers, CBS, CBS Sports, Colin Kaepernick, Covid-19, Discrimination, Donald Trump, Eric Reid, Facebook, George Floyd, Global Footprint, Hashtag, Inclusivity, Instagram, Live Sports, Nfl, Oppression, Pandemic, President, Protest, Racism, Riots, Social Media, Systemic Injustice, Television, Trump, Tv Audience, TV Ratings, Twitter, Unityisstrength and Viewership

Yesterday, social media went silent as it observed #BlackOutTuesday. Following George Floyd’s killing by a Minneapolis police officer, athletes and teams have all spoken up in solidarity, demanding justice and…

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The Changing Streaming Sports Landscape Is A Pre-Cursor For What Is To Come

Posted on 6th August, 2018 by Alistair Taylor in Ad Supported Streaming Service, Amazon, Asia, BBC IPlayer, Consumer Behaviour, Content Consumption, D-Day, Digital Content, Disney, Domestic Rights, EPL, Espn, Facebook, FIFA World Cup, Live Sports, Nfl, Pay Tv, Pay-tv Subscriptions, Rightsholders, Sport Centric Streaming Service, Sports, Sports Landscape, Sports Rights, Sports Viewing, Streaming Services, Subscribers, Subscription Video On Demand, Svod, Traditional Broadcasters, Tv Audience, UCL and UEFA Champions League

The sports landscape fundamentally changed when tech major Amazon won the exclusive rights to package F in the landmark English Premier League (EPL) rights deal in June. The acquisition of…

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