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Play for the World – EA Aims to Fill Void via FIFA Stay and Play Cup

Posted on 16th April, 2020 by Alistair Taylor in Activity Gap, Amazon, Amazon Prime Video, Broadcast, Brondby, Build Engagement, Call Of Duty, Chelsea, Cod, Consumer Behaviour, Covid-19, Digital Audiences, E-sports, EA, Electronic Arts, English Premier League, ESports, FIFA, FIFA World Cup, For The Game. For The World, Fox, Fox Sports, Gaming, Grand Theft Auto, Gta, Habitual Tendencies, Innovation, Iracing Series, La Liga, Leganes, Live Sports, Liverpool, Madden NFL, Marketing Campaign, Marseille, Nascar, Nfl, Nike, Pandemic, Play For The World, Play Inside, Postponement, Real Madrid, Rights Holders, Santander, Sponsor, Sports Fans, Stay And Play Cup, Twitch, UEFA, UEFA Champions League and Virtual

In 2003, FIFA updated its primary logo to include the words ‘For the Game. For the World.’ Fast forward 17 years and governments around the world are instructing their citizens…

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The Show Must Go On – NFL Throws Screen Pass at COVID-19 with NFL Draft

Posted on 2nd April, 2020 by Alistair Taylor in All-star, Broadcasts, Bundesliga, College, College Eligibility, Console Gamers, Covid, Covid-19, Demand, Digital, Digital Pioneer, Draft, Draft Pick, Draft Prospects, Draftee, E-sports, Entertainment, ESports, Fans, Fox, Fox Sports, FS1, Health Risk, Innovation, IRacing, Live Sports, Madden, March Madness, Media Landscape, MLB, Nascar, NBA, NBA Playoffs, Networks, Nfl, Nfl Combine, NFL Draft, Nfl Madden, NHL Playoffs, Pandemic, Pay Tv, Peak Attention, Postponement, Pro Day, Rights Holders, Scouts, Season, Senior Bowl, Social Distancing, Sports Fans, Supply, Ultras, Video Conference and Virus

The NFL’s commissioner Roger Goodell announced to all 32 teams in a memo on March 26th that the NFL draft will go ahead as scheduled from the 23rd to 25th…

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