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Quick Take: Twitter Ramps Up Its Video Ad Programme

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by Tim Mulligan

Twitter’s announcement that it is ramping up its Amplify ad programme marks a new direction for the social media giant. Up until now Twitter has relied upon combining a publisher’s video clip with an advertiser who would then include the pre-roll ad and pay for its promotion on the platform. In the new version the excessive complication of marrying an advertiser with a publisher is removed and the advertiser instead chooses a relevant content category. Amplify makes the automatic connection and ad insertion for relevant videos tweeted by publishers. The simplification of the ad programme and a 70/30 revenue split between publishers and Twitter should incentivize the process of video sharing and promotion on the social network. Although the new Amplify is undergoing Beta-Testing with selected partners , expect to see a significant increase in videos in your Twitter feed over the coming months.

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