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We help the world's leading media and technology companies profit from digital content with impactful consulting and cutting edge insight.  We work right up to the c-suite, from early stage start ups to global leaders, always ensuring we deliver evidence-based, actionable advice that helps our clients drive scale, revenue, differentiation and competitive edge. Our clients trust us with their strategy and data because they know we deliver them results.

Research and Analysis

MIDiA Research is a new generation of research service with pricing to fit all budgets.  We believe that high quality analysis and data should be available to all, not just the biggest companies with the biggest research budgets.  We democratise access for everyone from the early stage start up to the international powerhouse. One annual payment unlocks unlimited access to reports, data, analysis and insight.  We don't provide run-of-the-mill data narrative, but instead unique insight into why trends are occurring, where they will go and how you need to respond.

Proprietary Data

All of our research and consultancy is grounded in comprehensive proprietary data sets that are available to all our data subscribers.  These include: market forecasts that tell you where markets are heading and what the scale of the opportunity is; consumer surveys and segmentation schemes that deep dive into consumer behaviour and attitudes; market models that quantify business models and revenue flows; tracking studies that map emerging marketplaces.
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