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Tech Major Market Shares 2019 Amazon Powers Ahead

Report by Mark Mulligan, Tim Mulligan, Karol Severin and Alistair Taylor
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The 20,000 Foot View:  The tech majors are power players in the global digital content marketplace through a combination of their own content services, ad monetisation and control of audiences via devices, search and social. While advertising and services revenues are still a minority of total tech major revenues, the share is substantial, and revenues are growing fast. Content is rising in importance for tech majors as their importance to the digital content marketplace is accelerating.

Key Insights

  • Total tech            revenue increased by            in 2019            reach            billion 
  • As a            the Western tech majors continued            growth, but weaker performance by            meant growth was            billion less            in 2018
  • Amazon overtook            in 2019 to become the            tech major with            billion in            revenue compared to Apple’s            billion
  • Amazon’s tech            market share was            in 2019,            from            in 2016, while Apple                       down from           
  • Although Alphabet            a distant third with            billion,            narrowed the gap on Apple            2019 by            billion
  • Facebook remained            smallest tech major with            billion,            gained one point of market            in 2019 to reach            and                       points up on 2016
  • Apple dominated            major services with a market            of            in 2019, though this            down slightly from            in 2018            to the rise of Amazon
  • Alphabet remained            leading ad revenue tech major                       billion in 2019, giving it            market share of            down from            2016 and            in 2018
  • Amazon was            fastest-growing tech major in 2019            both advertising and services revenue,            by            and            respectively
  • Alphabet, despite            percentage growth, added            times more            revenue in 2019 than Amazon,            Apple added            times more services            than Amazon over the same            period

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