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MIDiA Research Predictions, 2016 Video Eats The World

Report by Karol Severin, Mark Mulligan and Tim Mulligan
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The 20,000 Foot View This decade has been defined by accelerating innovation and disruption.  With the majority of consumers now digitally connected in one way or another, new technologies have the ability to utterly transform existing models with a swiftness and totality not previously possible.  Digital disruptions no longer only affect your digital audiences yet at the same time markets evolve at different paces, with early adopters expecting ever more innovation and less adventurous consumers clinging onto incumbent platforms.  In this report we explore the key technology trends that will shape music, video and mobile content in 2016.

Key Findings

  • Consumers are            new technologies at unprecedented and            rates
  • Three major            will shape the digital content            - messaging apps will accelerate,            will eat the world, re-aggregation            begin
  • In music            digital will finally surpass            of            streaming holdouts will trickle not            and Spotify will remain the            subscription service
  • In mobile            Android revenue will surpass iOS,            disruption will accelerate, big freemium            will lose traction
  • In video            more unbundled video subscription services            launch, mobile video will blur            the edges, interactive ads will            traction on TV channel apps

Companies and services mentioned in this report: Amazon, Andreessen Horowitz, Anghami, Apple, CBS, Digicel, Disney, Facebook, Fox, Google, HBO, KING, KKBox, NBC, Netflix, QQ Music, Rovio, Saavn, SeeSo, Snapchat, Spotify, Yonder, YouTube, Zynga