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Mobile App Economy Forecast 2015-2020 The Emergence Of A Mature Market

Report by Karol Severin
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The 20,000 Foot View

The global app economy is maturing. This transformation will bring a multitude of headline-worthy power shifts in the next five years. At the top, the share of global revenue will shift significantly between regions, as well as between platforms. Furthermore, the revenue mix will become more even between spend segments, as whales approach their full potential and free users’ monetization will experience its largest boom yet. The app economy has a positive outlook for the next five years as developments in trends of key metrics point towards solidification of the app economy’s foundations. But this transition period will bring new challenges as the target audience and the revenue mix start reflecting the more mature market. App economy stakeholders cannot rest on their laurels now.

Key Findings

  • The global            revenue will reach            billion in            up            from 2014
  • Global app            growth will gradually slow from            2014 to            in 2020 
  • Western markets            lessen in importance as Asia            and Rest of World will            for            of global app revenue            2020
  • The growing            of available apps will negatively            the app economy if app            methods do not improve
  • Revenue growth            Low Spenders will reduce the            economy’s dependency on high spending           
  • The number            app buyers will grow            between            and 2020, outpacing the free            growth of           
  • App buyers            drop their revenue share from                       and high spenders from            to            the revenue distribution more equal            spend segments
  • Revenue of            will surpass the revenue of            as they reach            billion and            respectively in 2016
  • Revenue from            Users will be the fastest            revenue channel as it will            its share of global app            from            in 2014 to            in           
  • Android will            iOS’ lead in average revenue            app download from            in 2014                       in 2020.

Companies mentioned in this report: Apple, Google