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The Digital News Consumer

Report by Zach Fuller
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The 20,000 Foot View: As the publishing industry’s issues regarding monetisation move front and centre in the political debate over Facebook’s media influence, the way consumers discover and interact with news content stands at a tipping point. With increasing diversity in consumption patterns across geographical markets and age groups, understanding the digital publishing consumer involves addressing platform distinctions and the wider divide between the traditional and the new. Matters are compounded by greater competition in the saturated app economy, which means ever more aggressive efforts to gain ever more limited audience attention and time.

Key Findings

  • BuzzFeed and Vice are the news destinations for millennials - XXX of XXX year-olds consume content on BuzzFeed, compared to XXX of XXX year olds 
  • BuzzFeed’s reach is concentrated among millennials, with overall penetration just XXX in the US and even lower in countries like Japan XXX and Germany XXX of BuzzFeed consumers are female 
  • Germany and Swedish penetration of consumers uploading videos to YouTube and/or Facebook is XXX and XXX respectively, but XXX in XXX of news consumers aged XXX have expressed concern over fake news on social media, yet just XXX of XXX year olds agree share this view

Companies and brands mentioned: BuzzFeed, Facebook, Financial Times, Vice, YouTube

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