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Quarterly Digital Content Trends: Q2 2018

Report by Mark Mulligan
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The 20,000 Foot View:  In this report, we present highlights of content trends from MIDiA’s Quarterly Brand Tracker, a survey fielded in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. This report explores how consumer behaviour evolved between            2017 and            2018 across music, video, games and social. 

Key Findings

  • YouTube topped            streaming in            2018 with            weekly            user (WAU) penetration
  • Spotify was            with            up two points on            while Amazon was up one            across Prime Music and Music            to reach           
  • Apple Music            fourth, flat at            for the            successive quarter
  • Facebook halted            deadly decline in WAUs, up            point to            while its messenger            collectively added two points penetration
  • Snapchat remained            at            though lost two points            the UK, down to           
  • Pinterest was            one point to            but remains            its            2017 high of           
  • YouTube is            the leading video app but            is just three points behind.            was up one point to                       2018
  • Netflix continued            inexorable rise, up one point            the third successive quarter to                       and up six points from                       2016
  • Amazon Prime            WAUs fell one point while            leading local Subscription Video on            (SVOD) services gained three points
  • After a                       2018 radio listening was down            point to            while free streaming            up three points to           
  • Music subscriptions            a steady rise, up one            to            Penetration was highest in            US –            up two points            and Australia,            up four points 
  • Facebook video            the big gainer in            2018,            three points to            with penetration            at            in Australia 
  • Pay-TV penetration            up slightly to            in            2018            cord cutting was flat at            cord shaving at           

Companies and brands mentioned in this report: Amazon Prime Music, Amazon Prime Video, Apple Music, Crave TV, Deezer, Epic Games, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Fortnite, Google Play Music All Access, Hulu, Instagram, iPlayer, Music Messenger, Netflix, Now TV, Pinterest, Snapchat, Snap Inc, Soundcloud, Spotify, Stan, Tidal, Twitter, Twitch, WhatsApp, YouTube

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