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Podcast monetisation and remuneration Balancing creator and platform needs

Report by Annie Langston
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20,000 foot view: Audio platforms traditionally monetise through advertising and, to a lesser degree, listener subscriptions. However, with the rise of the creator economy and more creators entering the podcast space, platforms must bulk up their offerings for creator monetisation as well. This is because they are not only battling for listeners, but also for creators to supply the entertainment for those listeners. As the creator economy continues to grow and an economic recession looms, podcast platform success will depend on how well platforms can balance their own monetisation strategies with creators’ own remuneration needs. 

Key insights: 

  • The podcast            platform is the bank that            pays podcast creators regardless of            affiliated audience platform. Thus, the            is the gateway to creators
  • Apple and            both introduced creator subscriptions in            services, reflecting growing demand for            among audio creators
  • Podcasts can            cross promoted for audience platforms            other divisions, such as hardware            Amazon, Google) and access to            listeners (iHeart, SiriusXM)
  • Audio creators            both direct (advertising, listener subscriptions)            indirect (merchandise, public speaking) revenue            These resources are fragmented across            variety of platforms
  • Audience platforms            integrate indirect monetisation tools to            to creators and expand their            opportunities, such as merchandise shops 
  • Podcasting has            yet reached mainstream penetration, indicating            this is only the beginning            its monetisation potential 
  • The economic            could decrease both platform and            subscriptions, slowing the market’s growth            making ad-supported models even more           

Companies and brands mentioned in this report: Acast, Amazon, Amazon Prime Video, Anchor, Apple, Apple TV+,            Audible, Brittany Broski, Buzzsprout, Chartable, Conan O’Brien, Freakonomics, Google, iHeart, Jack Harlow, Joe Rogan, Lisbyn, Luminary, Patreon, Paypal, Podchaser, Podsights, Simplecast, SiriusXM, Shopify, Spotify, Spotify Car Thing, Spreaker, TikTok, Megaphone, YouTube

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