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Audio consumption The entertainment aficionado opportunity

Report by Annie Langston
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20,000 foot view:  Streaming platforms are continuing their investment in podcasting despite relatively slow adoption from listeners. Identifying enthusiastic consumer segments will be crucial to accelerating audience growth. Entertainment aficionados (i.e., those who spend more than the average time and money on specific entertainment formats) in music, games, and video streaming show the signs of being fit for such a market.

Key insights: 

  • Despite long-term            radio remains the dominant audio            not only among all consumers            also across all entertainment aficionados 
  • Podcast listenership            the largest increase, growing from                       2021 to            in            2021 for            aficionados, and from            to            for            aficionados
  • Podcasts are            for music time – almost            third of music and gamer            are listening to less music            of podcasts  
  • Music aficionados            more likely to be listening            the most audio            because of            compared to other segments in           
  • Mainstream podcast            are popular among entertainment aficionados,            they also show a larger            in a variety of genres            overall consumers 
  • By contrast,            top podcast genres have mainstream            with comedy, news, and music            in the top five genres            all consumers
  • Entertainment aficionados            on more than ten podcast            (e.g.,            for music and games            compared to            for all consumers)
  • Neither all            listeners or entertainment aficionados are            to listen to more than            or two shows regularly, as            third of these segments only            to one or two shows            week
  • Spotify is            most used platform for podcast            among all podcast consumers and            aficionados. Games aficionados use Spotify            most at            followed by music            video streaming            compared to            for            consumers
  • Competition for            and third place podcast platforms            evenly distributed between Apple, Google,            Amazon

Companies and brands mentioned in this report: Amazon, Amazon Alexa, Amazon Podcasts, Apple Arcade, Apple Fitness+, Apple Music, Apple Podcast App, Apple TV, Apple TV+, All Things Comedy, Audible, Disney+, Earwolf, Google, Google Nest, Google Podcasts, HBO, Hulu, Joe Rogan, Netflix, Prime Video, Spotify, Stadia, and YouTube

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