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Over 50 And Mobile Profiling The Underserved Older Mobile Consumer

Report by Karol Severin
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20,000 Foot View: The over        segment has been one of the most neglected during the rise of mobile platforms, social media and digital entertainment. The neglect is understandable considering their well-earned reputation for being more tech cautious. This will all change, though not overnight, as younger digitally savvy consumers age. Now is the time to start giving the over        more attention. In doing so, companies can benefit from opportunities that extend from the undersupply of mobile experiences tailored for the over        A catalyst will be the steady improvement and simplification of mobile experiences, particularly as Mobile Life Ecosystems emerge. The over        mobile consumer will become one of the key addressable mobile audiences over the coming years.

Key Findings:

           of over        consumers own a smartphone compared to        of consumer average        of over        consumers are Android users,        are iOS users
  • Android has the largest user base lead in the over        segment
  • Only        of over        consumers spend        or more per month on apps, compared to        of overall consumers
  •        of over        consumers do not spend anything on mobile apps monthly, compared to        of overall consumers        of over        smartphone owners don’t spend any weekly time on apps        of over        consumers are weekly Facebook users compared to the all consumer average of       
  • Over        are more likely to watch video ads        usually skip ads on YouTube compared to        of overall consumers)
  • Mobile engagement and spend of the over        consumers will increase, with the rise of next generation Mobile Life Ecosystems commanded through voice and text

Companies Mentioned: Alphabet, Apple, Android, Facebook, Google, iOS, YouTube

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