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Mobile App Discovery Targeting Gamers With Word Of Mouth

Report by Karol Severin
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The 20,000 Foot View: App discovery has come a long way since the rise of mobile app stores. What were once relatively simple app marketplaces are evolving into more carefully curated experiences, in a bid to showcase effectively a greater amount of the two million strong app ecosystem, rather than just the top            Simultaneously, publishers have significantly stepped up their discovery game –predominantly in the form of App Store Optimization (ASO). While app stores and charts have become much stronger contenders to the traditionally respected word of mouth recommendations, currently they mostly appeal to the high-spending highly engaged gamers. Though Game Aficionados have little difficulty with discovery, the challenge is now how to drive discovery more effectively for the remaining gamer segments.

Key Findings

               of mobile gamers mostly discover apps through word of mouth recommendations, compared to            % of overall consumers            of mobile gamers discover through charts and app stores, compared to            % of overall consumers
  • More Japanese            gamers discover through app stores            charts            than through word of                      
  • An equal            of UK mobile gamers discover            through app stores and ads,            for other countries, ad-based discovery            less popular
  • Unlike other            segments, Game Aficionados discover more            app stores            than by word            mouth recommendations           
  • Collectors            rely            word of mouth recommendations more            any other gamer segment
  • App store            tactics specifically targeted at Aficionados            drive their word of mouth           
  • There is            opportunity for cross-format games companies            start acquiring Forgotten Fans on            at a relatively cheap cost

Companies and brands mentioned : Android, Apple, Google, iOS

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