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Report by Karol Severin
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20,000 Foot View:  Mobile app usage is defined by consumers engaging with a multitude of propositions, even when they serve a very similar purpose. Consumers often use multiple different messaging apps, video apps and music apps. Mobile was the catalyst for streaming music’s growth and now accounts for        of all streaming activity. In the race for mobile relevance and premium users, the music app environment is highly competitive. Free trials, bundles and free tiers all contribute to a user marketplace where multiple music app usage is becoming increasingly widespread. 

Key Findings:

           of music streaming now occurs on mobile        of Spotify users use Amazon Prime Music, while        use Apple Music weekly        of Spotify users are mobile gamers        of Spotify users are female        of Spotify users use Twitter, while        use Instagram and        Snapchat        % of Amazon Prime Music users are Paying video Subscribers        of Amazon Prime Music users use Spotify weekly, and        use Apple Music        of Amazon Prime Music users are female        of Apple Music users are between        and        years old        of Apple Music users use Spotify weekly and        use Amazon Prime Music Weekly        of Deezer users use Tidal weekly        of Deezer users are between        and        years old 
  • Despite behavioural similarities between music subscribers, users of each music service show nuanced habits in terms of cross usage as well as media behaviour.
  • Tech majors are well positioned to consolidate the fragmented digital entertainment landscape
  • Reasons for cross usage are driven by a variety of factors, some characteristic to each service and others shared across the landscape
  • Pure music services like Spotify and Deezer must identify and pursue additional content and entertainment propositions before big tech companies move into the space. 

Companies & Products Mentioned: Amazon, Android Apple, Deezer, Dubsmash, Facebook, iMessage, Instagram, Messenger, Musically, Pinterest, Snapchat, Soundcloud, Spotify, Tidal, Twitter, Whatsapp, Youtube

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