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Grand Theft Auto Fan Profile The Mainstream Hardcore Gamers

Report by Karol Severin
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20,000 Foot View: Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is among the most popular console game title franchises in the market. Despite the controversy, the brand has managed to establish a solid fan foothold across genders and ages. GTA fans are digitally sophisticated and engaged users (albeit under-indexing in messaging app usage) with a strong affinity for online video and for mobile gaming. The highest concentration of GTA fans sits within user bases of major music services.

Key XXX of consumers are Grand Theft Auto (GTA) fans, compared to XXX of console owners and XXX of mobile XXX of console owners are aware of GTA, compared to XXX of mobile gamers and XXX of consumer average

  • GTA fans skew significantly more male in the UK XXX than in the US XXX fans under-index in monthly active messaging app usage, at XXX compared to the consumer average of XXX of Deezer users are GTA fans, compared to XXX of Spotify XXX of GTA fans watch YouTube every week compared to XXX consumer average XXX of GTA fans play mobile games every month
  • More than XXX of music streaming services’ user bases are GTA fans
  • Companies and brands mentioned in this report: Apple Music, Call Of Duty, Deezer, FIFA, Final Fantasy, Grand Theft Auto, PlayStation Plus, Rockstar Games, Snapchat, Xbox Live, YouTube

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