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Games worlds Assessing audience reach, value and relevance

Report by Karol Severin
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The 20,000 foot view:  As more online games worlds enter the market, brands and marketers need to focus more on monitoring the nuances of each games world community to identify the most effective partnership opportunities. The key factors to pay attention to are reach, audience value, and relevance. This report looks at each of these factors for the three most engaged games worlds: Fortnite, GTA and Roblox. 

Key Insights

  • Reach, audience value and relevance are the three key factors to monitor when assessing suitability of a games world partner
  • The largest difference between gaming world audiences is currently reach, with        of consumers playing GTA,        playing Fortnite and        playing Roblox
  • Despite having fewer users overall, Roblox penetration among               nearly matches Fortnite’s       
  •        of Roblox players in the US are female, making it one of the most gender equal games world
  • At        hours per week, video dominates entertainment time spent among games world audiences
  • Games worlds audiences spend more time on music and social media than they do on games, thus posing an opportunity to appeal to gamers via a variety of entertainment formats 
  • Fortnite audiences are more sports orientated than Roblox and GTA audiences
  • Monitoring how much gamers’ preferences over-index in individual games, compared to the consumer average, helps identify cultural movement opportunities
  • The most over-indexing genre preferences across GTA, Roblox and Fortnite players are similar across all entertainment formats, thus illustrating that the emerging ‘games world user’ segment is still in early stages
  • Reach is currently the key differentiator between audiences of games worlds, but as competition increases, differences of audience value and relevance will also become more profound

Companies and brands mentioned in this report: Activision, Apple, Call of Duty, Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto (GTA),        Roblox

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