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Games Video Viewing Broader Propositions Will Increase Mainstream Adoption

Report by Karol Severin
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The 20,000 Foot View: Games related video viewing is a relatively new but vibrant marketplace. It has multiple use cases across the gamer segments: from newbies watching walkthroughs, to hard core fans viewing an e-sports event online. Though currently still a niche activity among gamers overall, it has a mainstream penetration of        among        year old males. While companies like YouTube and Twitch have exploited parts of this market, current propositions arguably only appeal to a minority of the potential audience.

Key Findings

           million        consumers aged        and above in English speaking markets watch games related videos monthly
           of        males watch games related videos monthly, compared to        of        year old females
  • Between April and September 2017, monthly games related videos viewing increased from        to        in the UK, but only from        to        in the US
  • Games video viewing is most popular among console gamers        followed by PC gamers        and then mobile gamers       
  • Games video competition will intensify as the gamer segment grows and companies like Netflix, Hulu and pay-TV providers increase their focus on gamers
  • While games video viewing is still niche within the gamer community, it stacks up well against other niche gamer propositions
  • There are opportunities for games video to appeal to the remaining share of the gamer community, through innovative genre propositions and clever implementations of the format where appropriate (e.g. point of sale)

Companies mentioned: Azubu, HitBox, Hulu, League of Legends, Little Big Planet, LoLSpectator, Netflix,, Smashcast, Sony, Steam, The Sims, Twitch, xBox YouTube, YouTube Gaming

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