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Report by Karol Severin
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As the digital entertainment worlds grow alongside the traditional IRL entertainment world, the next step in the evolution of the entertainment industry will be to bridge the IRL & digital entertainment spheres together, as and where appropriate. One such opportunity is to build bridges between physical and digital merchandise buying. As in-game spending increases, physical merchandise can become a part of in-game product offerings. 

The overlap is there. Console gamers are twice as likely to purchase music, video and sports merchandise than the consumer average. Besides games’ potential to bring physical merchandise to the right audiences, there are additional marketing synergies to explore (e.g., purchasing physical merchandise in a game could earn users the digital equivalent for their avatars, etc.)

The right games partner is large for reach, niche for conversion

When deciding what games partners are best suited for which type of merchandise, it is important to consider the total number of merchandise buyers within a gamer community, as well as the concentration (penetration) of merchandise buyers in a given games community. The former view is designed to hone reach, while the latter is to hone conversion rate.