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Beyond broadcast How digital natives will reboot sports content monetisation

Report by Srishti Das
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The 20,000 Foot View:  Global broadcast deals are being renegotiated in the context of expiring rights, evolving digitally native, younger audience engagement and increased competition for attention. With only            of            watching live sport across OTT platforms and linear TV, Gen Z is slowly finding new ways to engage with sports through social media highlights and fantasy sports. Sports IP holders are poised to shift their focus from revenue to reach, as they seek to engage digital native fans in emerging markets such as India. Sports content distribution needs a reboot to cater to the next generation of global sports fans who no longer just want access to live sport, but who want to control how they interact with it.

Key Insights

  • The role            social media is becoming more            than ever for young sports            as it is a source            sports highlights, memes, and other            content –            of the            age            consumed sports content on social            in            2021
  • Gen Z            preferences call for a digital            of sports rights among sports            broadcasters
  • The return            IRL and a tightly packed            for engaged and semi-engaged sports            after a hiatus brought more            and engagement for live sports,            the share of consumers watching            live sports increasing from            to                       2021 and            2021
  • Fantasy sports,            communities and other social tools            key to driving live sport            and engaging the new generation            sports fans who want to            able to express themselves through            content and fandom
  • For internationally            clubs, it is important to            feeding into the fandom and            towards the club
  • Fans need            and opportunities to express and            their fandom
  • The shift            access to control is now            to future digital engagement growth

Companies and brands mentioned in this report: Olympics, UEFA Euro, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, National Football League (NFL), Amazon, Juventus, Serie A, Real Madrid, La Liga, Manchester United, Wimbledon, English Premier League (EPL), Star Sports, Disney+ Hotstar, European Super League (ESL), Indian Premier League (IPL), Manchester United, Real Madrid, Barcelona

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