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Audio creators The new creative frontier

Report by Annie Langston
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20,000 foot view:  While exclusive content deals with celebrity names signposted the audio strategy of many of the market’s big players, audience platforms are already recognising the growing importance of independent audio creators as the market develops and expands. However, to capitalise on this crucial growth opportunity, audience platforms must grasp the challenges facing audio creators in this fast-changing market. To help better understand creator needs and aspirations, MIDiA interviewed a diverse mix of independent podcast creators. 

Key insights 

  • Audio creators            from a variety of backgrounds,            with little or no audio           
  • The proliferation            online resources, including community forums,            videos, recording / editing software            hosting platforms, have lowered the            to entry to the podcast           
  • Earning an            is often not the main            to start a podcast, but            a creative interest in the           
  • As creators            their audiences, and earning revenue            more realistic, many podcasters professionalise            turning their podcast into a            business
  • Signing to            podcast network is not the            for all creators, in fact,            creators prefer to work independently            maintain creative control 
  • Discoverability is            core challenge facing audio creators,            the lowered barriers to entry            to oversupply, and worsened by            often competing with other content            on the same platforms 
  • Connecting with            on a variety of platforms            services is a key focus            audio creators so they can            their listeners and continue to            their fanbase
  • Success is            by a combination of measurable            such as downloads per episode,            personal fulfilment
  • Podcasts can            to other opportunities in a            life, such as paid speaking            and can serve as a            to build a larger brand 

Companies and brands mentioned in this report: Anchor, Apple, Alex Cooper, Descript, Earwolf, Emma Chamberlin, GarageBand, iHeart, Instagram, Joe Rogan, Kim Kardashian, Luminary, Moment House, Patreon, Podbean Riverside.Fm, Reddit, She Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, TikTok, Tyler Oakley, Twitter Spaces, Wondery, YouTube