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Video And Messaging Apps Engaging Tomorrow’s Audiences On Today’s Platforms

Report by Tim Mulligan
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The 20,000 Foot View: With two of the top ten largest global online video service providers now focusing on messaging services as a way to deliver video content to their highly-engaged user-base, mobile messaging services are becoming an increasingly important part of the video landscape.            of consumers now use messaging apps and the clear advantages of screen takeovers for video ads make the technology of utmost interest to brands looking to reach digitally engaged audiences, in particular the much sought after            year-old demographic. In a video and mobile centric world, messaging apps have come into their own for video distribution. Key Findings:

  • Two of            top            largest online video consumer            are messaging app centric
  • Messaging apps            approaching mainstream with            consumer penetration
  • The majority                       year olds now use messaging           
  • Among online            platforms, messaging apps saw the            growth in online video views            2015, with Snapchat doubling views                       billion to            billion
  •            of            year-olds now use messaging apps
  • Over a            of the            age group now            messaging apps
  •            of low-spending video consumers use WhatsApp
  • Messaging app            viewing metrics are fundamentally different            other services, such as YouTube,            new metrics need to be           

Companies mentioned: Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Viacom, Vine, WhatsApp, YouTube