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Short Form Video Growth The Rise Of Social Video

Report by Tim Mulligan
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The 20,000 Foot View

Since its launch back in 2005, YouTube has dominated online video with an audience winning combination of user generated content and corporate short form content.  While YouTube is more successful in terms of brand recognition and video views than it has ever been, it now faces real competition from video newcomers Facebook and Snapchat.  By giving video social context these platforms have grown their share of short form video views from XXX in XXX 2014 to XXX 2015.

Key Findings

  • There were XXX trillion short from video views in in the first three quarters of 2015
  • Short form video views more than doubled from XXX 2014 to XXX 2015
  • Over the same period Facebook nearly tripled its daily video views while Snapchat increased its daily views tenfold from XXX billion to XXX billion
  • Snapchat hit XXX billion daily video views in November 2015
  • While Facebook’s video views include unviewed videos auto-played in users’ news feeds, YouTube and Snapchat’s views are much more frequently, though not always, ‘actual’ views
  • Snapchat has the highest rate of videos per user per day XXX is the leader in mobile centric video advertising

Companies mentioned in this report: Facebook, Snapchat, Vessel, YouTube

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