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TV Fandom Q2 2018 SVOD Audiences Become Mainstream

Report by Alistair Taylor
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The 20,000 Foot View: TV fandom underpins viewing across all platforms and territories, but is being reshaped by streaming, with audiences having much greater control over what they watch. This choice-led viewing provides the foundations for deeper degrees of audience fandom, but also the diminishment of more passive audience elements. Subscription video on demand (SVOD) continued to disrupt traditional linear pay-TV service offerings in XXX 2018, with Netflix increasing its weekly active users (WAUs) from XXX to XXX year-on-year and household SVOD subscriptions increasing from XXX to XXX over the same period. The shift to SVOD has not yet directly reshaped the type of shows that dominate fandom, with the Big Bang Theory still the most popular, but it has illustrated the homogenisation of consumer characteristics across demographics, as the developed markets become increasingly digitally native. This is where the change begins.

Key Findings

  • Netflix saw WAU penetration increase YoY from XXX in XXX 2017 to XXX in XXX 2018
  • The number of pay-TV Households in the US, UK, Australia and Canada decreased YoY from XXX in XXX 2017 to XXX in XXX 2018
  • SVOD households increased from XXX in XXX 2017 to XXX in XXX 2018
  • The Big Bang Theory has the highest fan penetration in the US, Canada and Australia
  • Blue Planet has the highest fan penetration in the UK with XXX penetration, but only XXX XXX and XXX in the US, Australia and Canada respectively
  • The Voice has XXX fandom penetration among females, ranking third most popular show, but XXX for males with XXX fan XXX year olds is the only age segment where Big Bang Theory XXX does not rank highest for fan penetration
  • SVOD shows granted longer life spans with Stranger Things fandom increasing XXX YoY, even though its latest release was XXX 2017
  • Of the top three shows for fandom, NCIS fans have the highest average age XXX and lowest penetration rates for streaming behaviour¬†
  • The top five shows for awareness were all distributed on pay-TV in XXX 2018, with The Big Bang Theory leading the way with XXX penetration

Companies and brands mentioned in this report: XXX Reasons Why, Amazon, Amazon Prime, AMC, American Horror Story, BBC, Blue Planet, Catfish, CBS, Doctor Who, Facebook, Foxtel, Foxtel Now, Game of Thrones, HBO, HBO Now, ITV, Luke Cage, Man In The High Castle, Mr Robot, NCIS, Netflix, NowTV, Sherlock, Sky, Stranger Things, The Big Bang Theory, The Flash, The Voice, The Walking Dead, Top Gear, Transparent, Twitter

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