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TV Show Fandom Measuring TV Shows’ Real Appeal

Report by Mark Mulligan
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The 20,000 Foot View: The TV industry is in a measurement crisis. Ever more, viewing is shifting from the linear schedule and leading streaming services are heavily guarded about their data, creating a measurement blind spot. Social behaviour and piracy activity provide an additional source of information, but not an alternative. With the prime time linear slot set to have progressively less impact on viewing, TV companies need to understand better the true value of the fan bases for shows. To this end, MIDiA Research is now tracking audience demand for over more than        (predominately scripted drama) shows through a quarterly tracking survey. This report gives a sneak peak of this the tracking data to illustrate the value of measuring fandom.

Key Findings

  • The double measurement challenge TV companies face in the streaming era is:        how to define success;        how to measure it
  • Success is no longer confined to nor defined by linear broadcast, with time and place shifting, social media and linear stimuli (eg prime time slots) all skewing results
  • In the connected age of social media it is easy to gain the impression that many TV shows are bigger than they actually are
  • Game Of Thrones may have boast cultural event status but it only has the        largest fan audience with just        fan penetration
  • The Big Bang Theory        and NCIS        are have the top        fan audiences but under index on Twitter mentions because their audiences under index for Twitter usage
  • Across all of the top        shows        year olds have markedly higher fan penetration rates than for the all consumers average 
  • CBS and the BBC have the largest shares of top        TV show fan audiences –        and        respectively, with Netflix        on       
  • Viacom and The CW have clear youth appeal, over indexing among        year olds, and accounting for        of all        top        fan audiences among this age demographic
  • While The Big Bang Theory is the top show in the US, Canada and Australia, Sherlock holds this place in the UK with        fan penetration
  • Sherlock fans have the highest streaming IQ, with        reporting binge viewing (across all TV shows) compared to        for The Big Bang Theory
  • Companies right across the TV industry value chain need to counter the current measurement blind spot in leading SVOD services
  • The prime time linear slot will become progressively less able to create genetically modified hits

Companies and brands mentioned in this report: Affinio, AMC,        Legacy, A+E, Amazon Prime, Apple Music, Arrow, BBC, CBS, Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, Daredevil, Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, Endemol, Facebook, Fox, Game Of Thrones, HBO, House Of Cards, ITV, Madam Secretary, NBC, NCIS, Netflix, Parrot Analytics, Sherlock, Stranger Things, Spotify, Top Gear, The Big Bang Theory, The CW, The Flash, The Voice, Twitter, Viacom, Vikings, The Walking Dead, Westworld

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