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The state of music AI The consumer opportunity lies in modification, not generation

Report by Tatiana Cirisano and Hanna Kahlert
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20,000 foot view: MIDiA previously predicted that generative artificial intelligence (gen AI) would accelerate music’s “Instagram moment”, where consumers could create and remix music as easily and often as they post photos and videos on social media. However, just because everyone can do these things does not mean everyone will want to. With early adopters now beginning to utilise generative AI music platforms and audio modification tools, this report examines consumer demand: who is using these tools and what needs these tools are (or are not) meeting. This makes it clear that consumers are currently more interested in modifying their favourite songs than generating new ones, opening up new opportunities for music catalogues, along with thorny new licensing and copyright quandaries. 

Key data and insights included in this report:

  • Artificial intelligence platform use, by age
  • Artificial intelligence reasons for use, by age
  • Percentage of AI usage across key music behaviour and music streaming WAU segments
  • Analysis of interest in audio modification tools across key segments
  • Comparison of consumers who would consider paying for upgraded editing tools, by age, music behaviours and platform WAUs

All survey data is based on MIDiA Research Consumer Survey Q1 2024 fielded in US, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Poland, Turkey, and South Africa. Data includes breakdown by age, gender, and gamer segments.

Table of contents:

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Number of pages: 19

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Key insights

Figure 1: The users and their reasons for using AI services

Figure 2: Solving needs with AI music generators

Figure 3: The generative AI creative curve

Figure 4: The role of audio modification

Figure 5: The monetisation opportunity 


Companies and brands mentioned:

Ableton, Adobe, Adobe Firefly, Audiomack, ‘BBL Drizzy’, Betty Crocker, Bing AI, Boomy, CapCut, ChatGPT, DALL-E, Discord, Drake, DreamTrack, Fortnite, Google, Guitar Hero, Harvard Business School, ‘Heart On My Sleeve’, IKEA, Instagram, Instagram, Midjourney, ‘Now and Then’, OBS Studio, Patchwork, Pex, Shorts, Spotify, Suno, The Beatles, TikTok, Twitch, Udio, and YouTube