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The shift indoors Entertainment audiences’ search for the affordable and the meaningful

Report by Hanna Kahlert
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20,000 foot view:

The            entertainment boom is over; we are now in a highly competitive attention recession characterised largely by the attention inflation driven from accelerating rates of multitasking. This is compounded by serious global events and a cost-of-living crisis which will reduce the money audiences have available to spend on digital entertainment. However, the coming downturn will not be straightforward. Rather, the nuances of behaviours turned habitual over recent years will drive interesting spikes in some entertainment behaviours, while challenging others, all underpinned by shifts in consumption itself. Audiences will become more selective, putting greater value on community, and becoming increasingly creative in how they both consume and access entertainment.

Key insights

  • Consumers will            their spending of time, finances,            attention in a combination of            things while we can’ enthusiasm            with longer-term pragmatism
  • New behaviours            emerge, such as smaller one-off            spends (e.g., local gig tickets,            purchases, and video subscribers switching            services to access new releases)           
  • Audience spending            will be made both when            and often as one-off meaningful            rather than longer-term commitments.
  • With larger            purchases being increasingly out of            digital subscriptions can become affordable            and fill the entertainment gap            by going out less
  • The winners            video will be those that            both practicality and versatility, with            than just hits and classics,            a whole repertoire that consumers            to for stress relief, hate            meme content etc.
  • Games economics            likely be less impacted by            cost-of-living crisis as engaged gamers            to be from higher income           
  • Audiences are            likely to engage in local            (sports games, music gigs), searching            community and collective relief from            times
  •            of consumers            they would cancel a music            if forced to reduce spending,            this does not mean they            not stop listening to music,            even stop streaming
  • Video streaming            be shaped by savvy switching,            sharing, and choosing between practical            (e.g., Amazon, Apple) and versatile            (e.g., Disney+, Netflix)

Companies and brands mentioned in this report:  Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, Discord, Disney+, Google Stadia, Netflix, OnlyFans, Patreon, Reddit, Twitch, Zoom

Methodological note:  This report references primary academic research, with full citations available at the end.