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Live Entertainment Measuring Music's Place

Report by Mark Mulligan
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20,000 Foot View: The live music industry has always had a slightly incongruous relationship with its recorded music industry cousin. Often having to tolerate the record labels’ business being called ‘the music industry’ and equally often, finding itself at the focus of consumer discontent over ticketing practices. None of which though, detracts from the fact that the live business is now the music industry’s senior partner, accounting for the majority of the revenue and growing at the labels’ expense. However, the outlook for live is far from pristine. Ticket price inflation is pushing market demand to its limit and may even be hindering the potential of the market, falling behind other forms of live entertainment.  

Key Findings

           of consumers across the UK, Germany and Australia go to small gigs at least monthly
  • Smaller venue concerts have an average ticket price of        compared to        for large venue concerts
  •        of consumers go to the cinema every week, compared to        that go to small gigs and        big gigs
  • Cinema has the highest average number of annual visits per person        but the second lowest average annual spend        of all live entertainment
  • Large venue concerts cost        per hour compared to        for theatre and        musicals
  • Small venue gigs deliver more than        times the value for money per minute than large gigs, costing        per hour
  • Music concerts account for        of all consumer live entertainment spend while cinema accounts for        and musicals and theatre combined represent       
  • Live music fans are album loyalists but favour streaming over radio for discovery
  • In        years stadium acts may be scarce due to streaming today focusing on tracks over artists and albums

Companies and brands mentioned in this report: eBay, GetMeIn, Seatwave, StubHub, Spotify, Ticketmaster

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