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SVOD Overtakes Pay-TV

Report by Alistair Taylor
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The 20,000 Foot View:  This MIDiA update showcases the monumental shift in the video landscape with signups for subscription video on demand (SVOD) services overtaking pay-TV subscriptions for the very first time in        2018. SVOD has disrupted traditional linear pay-TV to the point where it is no longer the most common household subscription across the core English-speaking Markets. Households with pay-TV subscriptions decreased five points from        in        2017, to        in        2018. Conversely, the number of households with monthly video subscriptions (i.e. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video) increased over the same period from        to        year-on-year.

Key Findings

  • Number of pay-TV households in the US, UK, Australia and Canada decreased YoY from        in        2017 to        in        2018
  • SVOD households increased from        in        2017 to        in        2018
  • Number of pay-TV households in the UK decreased from        in        2017 to        in        2018, but still kept a slim lead over SVOD households
  • Number of UK SVOD households increased from        in        2017 to        in        2018, two points behind pay-TV subscriptions
  • Australian SVOD adoption increased by nine points YoY, with        of households paying for an SVOD service, compared to just        who subscribe to pay-TV
  • More Canadian households opt for pay-TV subscriptions over SVOD, with        paying for pay-TV subscriptions in        2018, while only        have SVOD subscriptions
  •        of US households subscribe to SVOD services, up from        in        2017, compared to pay-TV subscriptions declining YoY from        to       
  • Cord cutting has remained consistent and even increased one point from        in        2017 to        in        2018

Companies and brands mentioned in this report: Netflix, Spotify, DAZN, Eleven Sports, Amazon Prime Video, Facebook, Amazon

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