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Snapchat User Profile Valuable, Digitally Savvy Millennials

Report by Mark Mulligan
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20,000 Foot View

Snapchat represents the Millennial zeitgeist more than any other single app. It continues to engage digitally native young audiences just as much as it appeals to traditional media brands, such as Viacom and CBS, desperate to reach young audiences on their own turf. Snapchat has ridden the music messenger app wave. But much more than most other messaging apps, Snapchat has prioritised engaging its user base with content and features – a crucial task given that it lacks anything like the scale of the messaging app market leaders. The result is that Snapchat users are some of the most digitally engaged and valuable consumers across mobile and the web.

Key Findings

               of consumers use Snapchat weekly, rising to            in the US and falling to            in Australia
  • Snapchat users            young, digitally savvy consumers that            across all forms of digital            consumption as well as for            on content
  • Snapchat is            messaging platform of choice for            with            of users aged under                       are under           
  • Snapchat’s peak            is among            year old females           
  •            of Snapchat users are female
  • There are            Snapchat Monthly Active Users (MAUs)
  • Snapchat users            avid digital media consumers.            watch                       stream music and            use mobile           
  • They are            twice as likely to pay            music and for video subscriptions

Companies mentioned in this report: CBS, Netflix, Snapchat, Viacom