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Q2 2020 UK Video Consumer Deep Dive

Report by Tim Mulligan
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The 20,000 Foot View:  UK video engagement in            2020 remains primarily a two-horse race between subscription-based Netflix and ad-supported YouTube, which returned to dominance with            weekly average user penetration – three percentage points higher than Netflix. Against this trend new streaming entrant Disney+ has achieved            weekly average user penetration, underlying the rising competition between the subscription-based and ad-supported video streaming alternatives as the UK streaming market matures.

Key insights

  • YouTube and            have been the biggest long-time            in UK video consumption since            with YouTube overtaking Netflix in           
  • YouTube weekly            use was            in            2020, making            the most popular UK video           
  • YouTube weekly            user penetration declines with age:                       year olds are YouTube weekly            users, declining to            among            year            and            among over           
  • Disney+ was            big winner during lockdown with                       percentage point increase in weekly            users, highlighting the growth of            video-on-demand subscriptions 
  • With            of            consumers never having subscribed to            video on-demand service, distribution partnerships            be key for direct-to-consumer entrants            the UK market
  • The TV            remains the primary means of            TV content in the UK                       2020, with            of consumers engaging                       hours per week 
  • Meanwhile,            of            consumers watch YouTube and            watch            video on demand 
  • Linear TV            still important –            of UK            spend between            hours per week            live TV
  • However, TV            and movie viewing on TV            is lower than subscription video            demand at            monthly average use            which is still over three            PC viewing, the second-most popular            for UK TV show/movie viewing

Companies and brands mentioned in this report:            Player, Channel            Amazon, Amazon Prime Video, Disney, Disney+, Facebook, iPlayer, Netflix, Now TV, ITV, ITV Hub, ITV Hub+, Sky Go, YouTube, Virgin Media

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