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Video Consumer Trends In The UK An Increasingly Diverse Consumer Landscape

Report by Tim Mulligan
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20,000 foot view:

UK consumers are becoming increasingly sophisticated online video users. This, though, is not entirely their choice, but it is instead a reflection of the increasingly complex services landscape. Messaging platforms are also playing a bigger role than ever.            of UK consumers now use three or more messaging platforms on a monthly basis. Although none of these messaging services has yet individually reached mainstream adoption, their penetration across all demographics and the centrality of video to the messaging app experience means that video providers have to pay close heed.

Key Findings

               of all UK consumers use three or more different messaging apps every month            of UK consumers follow four or more Snapchat stories per month            of UK consumers watch four or more Instagram videos a month            of UK consumers use YouTube’s in-app video sharing feature            of UK consumers now subscribe to more than one video service
  • Twice as            UK consumers use multiple SVOD            than prefer Peer-to-Peer            file sharing
  •            of UK consumers have cancelled their pay-TV subscription
  • A little            a fifth of all UK            users churn from SVOD services            they have viewed their favourite           
  • Messaging apps            emerging as gatekeepers for content            with significant implications both in            and securing access to audiences

Companies mentioned in this report: Amazon, Blinkbox, Facebook, Instagram, iTunes, LoveFilm, Netflix, Popcorn Time, Snapchat, YouTube

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