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Push Notifications Vendor Landscape And Best Practices

Report by Karol Severin and Martyn Davies
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The 20,000 Foot View

In the increasingly competitive app economy, push notifications and in-app messages are becoming crucial means of driving retention rates and other KPIs. The question is no longer whether to use notifications, but rather how to maximize their benefits while mitigating the risk of alienating users. A slew of companies is pouring into meet the demand of this growing marketplace, each with their own specific competencies, strengths and weaknesses. To provide a quantitative evidence base of push notification performance and best MIDiA Research acquired and aggregated data from XXX leading app notification vendors, who represent over XXX apps globally. 

Key XXX of iOS users opt in to push XXX of Android users opt in to push notifications

  • Push notifications more than doubles user retention rates– the average one month retention rate of users with enabled notifications is XXX compared to XXX of users with disabled push notifications
  • The average two and three month retention rates are also more than twice as high for users with enabled notifications 
  • Capturing the attention of users in their notification feeds is becoming increasingly difficult due to growing competition
  • Notifications strategies must be crafted around where users are in their respective lifecycles
  • Notifications become ‘annoying’ to users when they fail to deliver value that is equal or greater than the effort they have to make to pay attention to them
  • Companies mentioned in this report: Accengage, Appboy, Donky, Kahuna, Localytics, Urban Airship 

    For the purposes of this report MIDiA interviewed a selection of leading vendors who additionally provided detailed proprietary data that was aggregated to support the analysis in this report.

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