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The Mobile App Funnel Benchmarking The Mobile App Customer Lifecycle

Report by Karol Severin and Martyn Davies
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The 20,000 Foot View

App companies lose users and revenue right across the user acquisition and retention process.  Thus as the global app market grows the amount of lost revenue accelerates also.   MIDiA’s app funnel analysis reveals just where on the customer life cycle users are lost, why they go and provides industry averages to benchmark against for freemium apps and trial subscription apps. The app funnel is emerging as one of the most important business analysis frameworks for the app economy and understanding it is crucial to driving successful user engagement, conversion and retention.

Key Findings

  • Users are            at every stage of the            life cycle and the impact            losses higher up the funnel            amplified further down it.
  • For some            of apps up to            of            can be lost between download            and activation 
  • Freemium apps            convert            of downloads to payment
  •            of subscription app downloads never enter trial            of smartphone users downloaded an app and never opened it            of smartphone users stopped using an app due to a bug            of smartphone users delete an app within one month            of smartphone users do not find the app they are looking for
  • App distributors’            policies favor large developers

Companies mentioned in this report:, WhatsApp, Threads,