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Music consumer survey Q1 2021 YouTube extends its reach

Report by Mark Mulligan
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The 20,000 Foot View:  The data in this report is taken from MIDiA’s            2021 consumer survey. The full data from this survey and all the preceding quarterly surveys are available, along with data visualisation tools and dynamic segmentation, on MIDiA Fuse. The countries covered in this report are US, Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Brazil, South Korea.

Key Insights

  • YouTube has            its position as the leading            streaming app, growing from            in            to            in 2021 –            points            of Spotify 
  • A long            of streaming apps compete for            of the remainder of the            with Amazon and Apple the            of the following pack
  • Weekly radio            went from            to            between 2017            2021, while music subscriptions grew                       to           
  •            of streamers that listen to curated playlists add songs to their collections
  • Newer music            skews younger, traditional activity skews            music subscribers average at            years            but album listeners average at            radio            years old
  •            of music streamers listen to music on their phone, though the rate across all consumers is just            (the same as those that listen in the car)            of            year olds listen on smart speakers, limiting Amazon’s opportunity to create ‘silver streamers’
  • YouTube music            is broadly consistent across most            but is lowest where Spotify            is higher and vice versa
  •            of consumers listen to podcasts every week but just half of those listen daily, compared to            of weekly music streaming users that listen daily            of audiobook listeners are weekly radio listeners and            are weekly streaming users

Companies and brands mentioned in this report: Amazon Echo, Amazon Music Unlimited, Amazon Prime Music, Audiomack, Deezer, Genie, MelON, Mixcloud, Netflix, Shazam, Sonos, Soundcloud, Spotify, Trebel, TikTok, YouTube

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